The world's longest epic "King Gesar" is listed as part of the world's oral and intangible heritage. The Tibetan epic first began to take form in the 11th century and has since been continually enriched over the years. Unesco declared 2002 the poem's millennium anniversary. Tomorrow, our program In the Spotlight will celebrate this great work of oral literature. And a Chinese expert will talk about China's efforts to protect its own oral and intangible heritage. In the same program you will also hear a touching story about a wife's support for her husband during the Anti-Japanese war. All this and more, In the Spotlight, tomorrow. Latin American financial crises have shocked the world. Does this turmoil affect the financial industry in China? What does China have to learn from it? Monday People in the Know will invite a US economic analyst and two Chinese experts to voice their views on the problem. Listen to their special insight, in People in the Know, Monday. Tuesday, Biz China will give you the latest report on the "cold war" in China's ice-cream market, triggered off by this season's exceptionally high temperatures. You'll also catch a glimpse of China's first ever software alliance which should strengthen cooperation in the technology field. Make sure to tune in to Biz China, Tuesday. Wednesday the China Horizons team will take you to Eastern China's Zhejiang Province where the province launched its "Green Agriculture Plan" to meet the demands of the international agriculture market. Then follow the team to central China's Henan Province to appreciate people's efforts to promote their local traditional Yujiu Opera. Don't miss this fascinating program in China Horizons, Wednesday. Adriano Màdaro, an Italian reporter and writer, has visited China over one hundred times. This time he brings with him his exhibit entitled "Peking in the Beginning of 20th Century." Thursday in Voices from Other Lands, he will talk about collecting traditional Chinese objects and offer us his own understanding of Chinese culture. Do join us in Voices From Other Lands, Thursday. Friday, Life in China will introduce middle school students' enthusiasm to participate in military camps this summer holiday. Hear about unforgettable experiences directly from the young people themselves. At the same time you can learn about a leisure sport which has grown in popularity during the last decade: fishing. Would you believe there are over 90 million fishing fans out there? Sounds like fun. Be sure to tune in Friday for Life in China. Last but not least, News and Reports will continue its series "Chinese Aspiration", every day next week from Monday to Friday. If you are interested in taking a peek into Chinese people's lives and dreams, don't miss your chance.